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Heart-Walls: Do You Have One?

People deeply wounded in love often experience an inability to trust, give and receive love and establish meaningful relationships. These are symptoms that trapped emotions have built up a "heart-wall." Maureen shares inspiring stories of patients who have lingering loneliness, isolation and sadness to find new love.

Healing the Incurable

Medical statistics are often discouraging on success rates for healing conditions like fibromyalgia, lupus or severe depression. Maureen shares inspirational success stories of patients who have returned to health from so-called incurable diseases.

When Being Family Hurts

Mother's Day and Father's Day, family reunions and other holidays force us to confront relationships that may be far from ideal. Maureen explains how people can heal themselves from emotional wounds of the past and improve their family relationships.

Ill? Family Genes, Dysfunction or Inherited Trapped Emotions?

The surprising emotions you can inherit from your mom, dad and even great grandparents can be causing repercussions in your health today. Maureen explains how.

Brokenhearted? Symptoms You Can't Ignore

Maureen explains how "heartbreak" can have traumatic effects for people in their health, careers and relationships and reveals the keys to healing a broken heart.

Illness & Its Emotional Connection

From more than 20 years practice as a holistic physician and international lecturer on healing, Emotion Code creator Dr. Bradley Nelsondetermined that more than 90 percent of illnesses have emotional causes. Maureen discusses these hidden causes and the new (and ancient) tools for healing the root causes of illness.

Sick? Signs You Have a Trapped Emotion

When emotions from past traumas are buried, they often resurface in the form of depression, anxiety or physical pain. Maureen explains why releasing "trapped" emotions is the key to lasting healing.

Overweight? Emotional Causes and Cures

Maureen explains the emotional triggers behind overeating, the invisible link between sadness and obesity and the five secrets people need to know to lose stubborn fat and get healthy.

Stress-Proof Your Health

he links between psychological stress and physical illness are well proven, from hypertension to depressed immune function. Maureen explains proven techniques for relieving stress and bolstering energy and health.

Past Trauma: Today's Back Pain?

Researchers recently discovered that even before injury, back pain often begins in the brain. Many people suffer from, and are prescribed drugs for, conditions that are rooted in past traumatic events. Maureen explains how she helps people clear the hidden underlying emotional causes of their distress.

Depression: Can Magnetic Therapy Work?

1 in 10 Americans takes anti-depressant medications and of these, 14 percent have been on prescription drugs more than 10 years. Drugs can be appropriate as a "temporary bridge" to help people through difficult times, but too often they hinder the body's self-healing powers. Maureen discusses natural, do-it-yourself methods for overcoming depression.
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